We are now #11 in Singapore – and still the top museum in Singapore

TripAdvisor rating 11th

Dear visitors to the Battlebox – thank you very much for your wonderful reviews. The Battlebox has achieved another milestone – it has climbed one spot to become #11 out of 792 “things to do in Singapore” on TripAdvisor!

Of course, it is still the #1 museum in Singapore on TripAdvisor too.

Your compliments and feedback continuously spur us on to give the best in our tours and service.

Despite the odds and the challenges, we will continue to do our very best to ensure your visit to the Battlebox is a fruitful and memorable one.

Once again, thank you for your support – your ticket price goes entirely towards paying for the maintenance and survival of the Battlebox as a crucial historical site in Singapore.

Please keep the reviews and feedback coming in!

Erroneous information about the Battlebox

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We are aware of many visitors coming to the Battlebox Visitor Centre with erroneous information about the Battlebox – wrong opening hours, wrong website, or being unaware that one needs to enter the Battlebox through a guided tour happening at fixed times every day. You may have acquired such erroneous information from an old guidebook or third-party website which has not been updated.

This is because the current management of the Battlebox took over the place only several years ago, and is not affiliated with the previous management of the space. Now, we are in the laborious process of tracking down all guidebooks and websites presenting incorrect information about the operations of the Battlebox, and trying to get them to make the necessary corrections. In the meantime, please refer to the section on this website titled Visitor Information, for correct information about the operations of this historical site.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

If you have any queries about the Battlebox and the Battlebox Visitor Centre, feel free to drop us an email at enquiry@battlebox.com.sg.

If you have a guidebook or chanced upon a website presenting erroneous information about the Battlebox, we will like to know what it is so that we can reach out to the right parties to make the right clarifications. Please also drop us an email at enquiry@battlebox.com.sg.

Once again, thank you!

A tip when taking a taxi to the Battlebox Visitor Centre

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We have received feedback from our visitors that many taxi drivers in Singapore are not aware of the location of the Battlebox, how to drive there, and even what the Battlebox is in the first place.

If you are taking a cab to the Battlebox Visitor Centre, we suggest telling your driver this: “Please drive to the roundabout outside the Hotel Fort Canning”.

More drivers are aware of the Hotel Fort Canning and where it is on Fort Canning Hill, so there is a better chance they can find their way there. When you are heading up the hill, please remind them to stop at the roundabout next to the entrance of the hotel, instead of heading into the hotel grounds itself.

The Battlebox Visitor Centre is right next to the roundabout (below). There, you can get your Battlebox tour tickets, find out more about the Battlebox and Fort Canning Hill, or just enjoy the air-conditioning and cool down from the tropical heat outside 🙂

Visitor Centre